Gambia Week 2012

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Monday, 02 September 2013 10:19
Gambia Cultural week, August 2012 Gambia Cultural week, August 2012



















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  • Gambia United Society Magazine

    Welcome to a new chapter in the history of The Gambia United Society, what a great way to kick off a new year by introducing GUS Magazine (GUSMAG), a new  publication ready to promote excitement in this fascinating society of ours.  Whether you’re a reader seeking relevant information, a researcher seeking more knowledge or someone just looking for the latest Senegambian related news, GUSMAG will have something for everyone.  We will provide material that will inspire as well as motivate from some of Gambia’s best journalists and writers in The UK and elsewhere.

    The community wants to hear from people in the know, what they are doing, their thoughts, accomplishments and more importantly their fallers. All that information would help strengthen our organisation, the Gambia United Society and propel it forward with more successes.  
    Please contact GUS secretariat for more details.

  • Gambians Mark Feast of 'Tobaski' in London

    Gambians in London, today mark feast of ‘Tobaski’, which began with dawn prayers held in East Ham Town hall in London.

     The Muslim feast of ‘Eid-ul-Adha’ popularly referred to as ‘Tobaski’ across The Senegambia region, is a period of sacrifce and  jubilation among the Islamic Ummah worldwide.

  • Our Special Funds Appeals

    Voluntary Trust Fund

    GUS is run by volunteers who are members and their contributions. Our main source of funds is contribution paid by members. We use organise cultural musical shows by bringing Senegambian artists from Africa over to the UK to promote our culture and raise funds at the same time. We organise annual events such as summer barbeques, family fun days and Eid Parties for fun and income generation as well.

    Repartriation Fund

    Recently, we have been contacted for help by families whose relatives have died and wish to send the body back home for burial as preferred in The Gambian community. This is inevitable and cost no less than £3000. We've set up a special fund for this to which people can contribute. This would ensure there are available funds for use in the inevitable event of death of a member in the UK and the body is needed to be sent back to the Gambia for burial.

    We are appealing to all Gambians and non-Gambians alike to help us raise needed funds in order to meet our charity objectives. We appreciate all contributions our volunteers and sponsors are making geared towards improving the lives of many vulnerable people while promoting Gambian Culture .

    Become a member or make a gift

    Our membership is open to all Gambians and friends of The Gambia. We wish to hear from everyone and anyone who has The Gambia at heart. Contact us today and register to become a member. If you don’t want to become a member you can still give any amount monthly by setting up a direct debit to our account.

    You can also make a single payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer to our account:

    Cash donations can be paid directly into The GUS bank account:

    Account name: The Gambia United Society

    Account No: 77 19 44 38

    Sort Code: 60 03 36

    Bank: Natwest Bank Plc.

    Help fund a project

    You can donate to a specific project, for example the malaria project and keep up to date with the project development. £5.00 would buy a mosquito net and you could save the life of a child in The Gambia.

    Donate goods

    You could support us by donating us unwanted computers, books and clothes suitable for reuse. These items are as good as new to the people receiving them and would go a long way in improving their livelihood.

    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 28 November 2012 18:28 )

  • GUS REPORT Presented at 2013 AGM

    This report highlights how we are currently performing and the ways we are working to improve our services. Over the years, the organisation has worked hard to improve in all areas of operation in spite of the challenges we faced, mostly due to lack of funds. We are determined to move to higher heights and reach out to as many people as possible to make the GUS more national.

    On the financial front, we are operating on limited funds. We have made long-term investments in anticipation that the Charity will become self-sustainable in the coming years.

  • GUS PRogrammes 2013 Published


    GUS Galla Night and Launch of GUSMAG with special Awards to GUS fellows for their contribution to Senegambia Community and the GUS in London. Tables to be sold at different categories and prices. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze table.




GUS PRogrammes 2013 Published

GUS PRogrammes 2013 Published

GUSMAG LAUNCH AND GALLA NIGHT MAY 2013 GUS Galla Night and Launch of GUSMAG with special Awards to...



Support Our Malaria Project Gambia United Society supports the fight against malaria in the Gambia.

Support Our Malaria Project Gambia United Society supports the fight against malaria in the Gambia.

Our Malaria Prevention Project The Gambia United Society supports the fight against malaria in the G...

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