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The Gambia United Society (GUS) is a UK based registered charity. We obtained full charitable status in October 2005. The idea behind the formation of a society such as the GUS was conceived, in 1997, by a group of Gambians who wanted to help create and maintain awareness amongst Gambians and those of Gambian origin living in the UK and the rest of Europe.


It was intended to be an organisation which can offer support and advice to it’s members in good as well as difficult times. Equally, it was felt that such a society would help promote a better community relation between our members and the host communities.

Since its formation, the membership keeps increasing, hence the decision to have it registered as a charitable entity to ensure, among other things, accountability and efficiency in running its affairs.

Our membership is open to all Gambians and friends of the Gambia regardless of ethnicity, religion or language. We wish to hear from anyone who has The Gambia at heart.


Our Aims and Objectives


  • At the Gambia United Society, we believe in social inclusion and provision of support in times of need and emergency. We believe that one of the fundamental characteristics of mankind that distinguishes him from other animals is the ability to depend on each other for support and assistance. We therefore aspire to create a point of reference and support for all our members and friends of the Gambia
  • We also seek to create a better understanding and awareness amongst Gambians in the Diaspora. We believe that all children born to Gambians and descendants of the Gambia are entitled to know about the Gambia, its people and culture. We feel that this can be achieved by way of promoting to them the Gambian tradition of sense of communal belonging and tolerance.
  • Equally, we strive to become a major partner in promoting community cohesion between Gambians in the Diaspora and other communities through showcasing the Senegambian culture by way of organising and participating in regular social events as well as providing better and positive information about the Gambia.




GUS PRogrammes 2013 Published

GUS PRogrammes 2013 Published

GUSMAG LAUNCH AND GALLA NIGHT MAY 2013 GUS Galla Night and Launch of GUSMAG with special Awards to...



Support Our Malaria Project Gambia United Society supports the fight against malaria in the Gambia.

Support Our Malaria Project Gambia United Society supports the fight against malaria in the Gambia.

Our Malaria Prevention Project The Gambia United Society supports the fight against malaria in the G...

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